Dog love crazy?

Welcome here is a photo of my two babies scoob (of course he is named after Scooby doo) and Tammy the girl (white one) 

And while I was wondering and scratching my head on my next post I realised why not post about dogs so here it is : why we love dogs 

1. They eat our old shoes okay okay they eat our new shoes too but they take something that has no use any more or broken and turns it into a new toy. Now that my human pals is something we can learn from 

2. They are adorable when they sleep even if it means lying on our faces like Tammy loves doing . Do I really need to explain more? 

3. They love us non stop even when we yell at them they still love us 

4. how happy they are when we get home your dog happiness is more than your wife happiness I can guarantee 

5. How they just look at us when we try getting them to do tricks like yea human sit means run don’t you know that?

6. How they sleep did I mention this already 

7. How they become your cuddle buddy when the only lover you have is chocolate chips 

8. They don’t care if you can cook or not we love that anything to them tastes good 

9.exercise is that a ball? Not even my younger brother loves playing games like my Lil buddy scoob

10. You can talk to them and don’t have to pay why?Because they love you once again and that why we love dogs because they love non stop and their loyalty is far more than humans


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