In celebration of the rain that came that was needed and to help those who are trying to help the environment by saving water here is some water saving tips.very simple and easy tricks that work

1. My family and I we bath in each other bath water normally and use the water for the plants so that nothing goes to waste 

2. Fill the ice trays or your pet bucket full of water while waiting on the water to fill the basin 

3. Ice cubes that is left in glasses after a dinner party throw out in the garden 

4. Wait until you have a full Load of washing and then wash your clothes 

5. Place a cup and refillable water bottle in the bathroom for brushing your teeth

6.we always put a container with us while we shower because the soapy water doesn’t get in so much and we throw the water back into the swimming pool 

7. Aim for a three minute shower 

8. Don’t let the water run while you shaving 

9. You can also use bath water to wash your car instead of using lots of water to clean it

 10. Sweep sidewalks instead of using hose pipes to clean it

11. Use composting around plants reducing how much water is actually needed for the plant 


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