I love comebacks and I love sarcastic comments in celebration of that I wrote down the best comebacks I have ever heard and what you can use :

My least favourite vowel is u 

Trash remastered 

The sound of money is a better sound than love 

If I dont talk to myself who will?

If someone calls you ugly here is a also good comeback : don’t complain about the food to the food go to chief or anywhere else

You kinda like rapunzel but instead of letting your hair down you let everyone down

Zombies eat brains so you have nothing to worry about 

They say the tongue is the strongest muscle in your body wanna fight?

The designer used your dick for inspiration 

You so fake you should write on your face “made in China”

I couldn’t even if I fried

Too bad ugly begins with u 

If you have an opinion about my life please raise your hand and cover your mouth

My boyfriend is like February 31 it doesn’t exist 


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