Rules Living by 

Rules I live by and they actually work :

1.tune into your inner knowing

2. Do develop your passions 

3. Expose yourself to new experiences 

4. Do love with intention 

5.  Don’t give your power to anybody (something I struggle daily with )

6. Do master the game 

7. Do seek out mentors role models don’t hate the successful people learn from them

8. Do discover your purpose 

9.Do learn how to talk money 

10. Learn how to negotiate for yourself (something I also struggle with at times to stand my ground and say my say)

11. Do speak first

12. Be aware of the person is framing the convention and if he or she talks about other people chances are they will speak about you 

13. Do have clean fights verbally not physically 

14. Don’t wait to be chosen 

15. Don’t wait for permission 

16.Do travel you only have one life 

17. Do have a vision for yourself a good realistic one 


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