Does time matter?

There is a weird feeling in friendship when your one friend who you have known for a month is closer than friends that grew up with you.

For me I don’t know I don’t know because my best friend of 12 years we have a lot of experience and she seems everything on me to showering together when younger to playing in the garden to talking about boys and we only have one serious fight that let us not be that close for a few months but after the fight we weren’t that close but within a week everything was like how it was before the fight.

Then you get my best friend of 5 years now and she seen my personality but we are close just never seen her like I have seen my  best friend of 12 years where the one best friend has seen me sick sick vomiting everywhere where the other hasn’t.

So the big question is does time matter can you be closer to someone you just met than someone who you have known your whole life? And why is that 


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