So I had a weird dream where my best friend was involved (the 12 years one) and we were on a camp and a small boy I was trying to teach math but kept failing and then finally I ate her chocolate so in a weird buzz I decided to look up the weird meaning of my dream and here was what I was told :

A man may be the result of your desire to be with the ideal man or the right man (I don’t know about this it was young boy and two chocolate and me are quite happy together)

Panic dreams may represent feeling anxious or overwhelmed (Well duh that why it’s called panic )

Panic dreams may represent feeling unsure about how to deal with a life criss (I think it’s this one because my life is so busy I don’t have time to worry about the things I do worry about )

Helping may suggest asking  someone for help

Helping may suggest cooperation or teamwork 

Boys represent your inner child or a boy you know (I think it’s my brother because he suffers from brain damaged and with the new school I guess I worry a lot more than I should)

Math may symbolize rational or logical thinking 

Math may symbolize a problem that needs to be solve (it was this one because the boy really wanted help and the teacher just ignored him)

Do you believe in dreams having meaning and if so do you have any dream stories or have dreams you want to explore I would love to get to know them 😁😊


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