We are strong independent women who need to stand together. 

We need to come as one and believe in ourselves and what we stand for.

We help men eve never needed adam no adam needed eve woman are helpers and suppose to be protected that why we come from a man side.

A real man knows that will treat you like you deserve.

A woman does not need anybody who doesn’t need her. She is strong enough to be alone and be okay.

A girl who doesn’t take no for an answer is a pretty scary girl no one can stop a girl who knows her worth stands in if and will speak her mind and back that shit up.

You are not stubborn you know what you want and you won’t settle for less 

We need most of all friends who are loyal and smart and who will stand up for us because rumors can and most probably will ruin your reputation so you have to be careful. Even the bible talks about a good name . 

We need to observe watch our backs and watch who will make our empire fall we need assets not liabilities


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