Plan of break up

Cry listen to sad stories (this one I did a lot a lot more than I would admit)

Watch fault in our stars and if I stay and cry some more 

Do not stalk him 

Give his jackets away or if you could burn it all

Burn the teddy heart and necklace this is for myself I wanted it all gone I was so sick of seeing it all the time and I was angry 

Dance naked a couple of times this actually worked well for me 

Work on your revenge body you gotta look good hot and sexy for the next time you bump into him

Learn how to cook this just for yourself

Do your hair a different color I did mine blue 

I finished writing a book you could finish doing something you have been stalling for a while 

Go on a hike for beauty outside yourself

Find a rebound or a crush to flirt around with or just stalk and enjoy their hotness 

Go to a party you single go ahead and enjoy it

Cry some more

Find acceptance 

Write a break up letter I did this and I burnt it afterwards it helped a lot 

Got a second ear piercing just to make myself feel good and make myself look a bit more badass


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