Bi polar overdosed

So I got bi polar type 2 from the genes and being molested for a couple of years till finally it stopped but I suffer from post traumatic stress disorder from everything and on a bunch of tablets but still I have depressed and the tiredness that goes on and drains all your energy

So I made some stuff that helps me

1. Eating high protein food not only does it help it helps with skin problems and your hair so it’s pretty awesome

2. Make a list of reasons to be alive this also helps when you feeling suicidal this is awesome

3. Make a suicidal help box filled with your favourite items and notes to yourself and your favourite distraction like a colouring book to distract you

4. Sleep is very important and helps a lot with energy 

5. Exercise does help a lot but you will still feel that tiredness well I do anyway but it does boost your moods

6. Go to your doctor at the end of the day his trained and know how to handle depression and all sorts of stuff 


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