To the girl with a broken heart

I never know what to say when you feel so heart broken but you felt true love never experienced it so don’t know what you going through only can imagine but if I was taught anything it’s that love is forever even when that person isn’t there I mean I am already in love with the husband God gonna give me and I haven’t even met him so if you feeling even more than that which you are I can’t imagine the pain that must come with it. I know it’s so hard and I know it hurts but you are the bravest girl I know and you will get through this you not alone and even though I can’t hold your hand and I won’t kiss you but I will wipe your tears and be a shoulder for you to cry on because that what best friends do I will phone you even if I hate phone calls and I will try my best to make you smile. Love is forever love is kind love is the butterflies in your tummy and the beating of your heart. Love doesn’t give up it pushes on it doesn’t just walk away how can it? It’s true love . I get you love him I understand why you do but you gotta love yourself more and see how his hurting you you gotta put your emotions aside and see does he love me if he walked how many times away if the answer is yes then good for you I am happy for you and I support you completely go after him chase him before it’s too late but if the answer is no is it not worth your time to start over to start brand new to hate every man because everyone seems the same isn’t right because not anybody is gonna be him you gonna find a guy whose better or worse than him but you still want him and babe he knows that but you gotta decide what is best for you are you gonna go again with him and start all new and be happy just to have him tear it down again? Or you gonna wait your whole life for the love you think you deserve when actually there is better out there? Whatever your choice is I support you I don’t always agree with you but you have my support


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