He was home

He was home now his gone 

He was my saint and I was the sinner

He was my Angel I was the fallen 

He reminded me of home in a heart he reminded me of lavender and coffee 

He was my success story and I was the failure 

Dreams haunt me 

Just stay away please 

Breaking my heart again and again 

He was my lover and I was his grace 

He was my zeus I was his hades 

Out of his mouth came poetry and songs 

Out of his mouth came lies to destroy 

Sweet sweet tune of a liar grave 

Sweet lies like a melody to my soul 

He pieced me together when I was broken 

He saw my naked body and made it beautiful 

We made love under the skies under Zeus yet it was all a lie 

Hate and love combined 

Came together in us 

Fights and fury 

Jealousy and insecurity 

Nasty words 

Nasty break up 

Dreams still haunt me 

He still haunts me


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