The bed is getting cold 

My heart is getting cold 

The blankets smell like you

The guitar still sounds of our tune 

You disappear you leave 

Slamming the doors 

Turning heads 

Yelling screaming 

Are we over 

Confusion disgust what have I become 

Am I a fool to believe you 

A future so unclear 

My heart wants you

Fights black eyes 

Abusing words but wrapped somehow in love

You hit me but you love me 

You told me you did 

I beg you to stay I need you

The bed is cold and empty

I need you 

But you a fighter I am a fighter let me fight for us 

Yet you leave 

Police arresting 

Heart breaking 

Black eyes black heart 

Only once you said once 

Forgive you 

Fear in my eyes 

Love in my heart


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