Hi never seemed so much 

Your lips on mine 

Music in the background 

Hi never held my heart so much 

Fire in my heart fear in my eyes 

I am so high on you 

Soaring through 

You made love real 

You made me see stars 

You ran my heart away 

Speakers in my ears 

Don’t wanna say bye 

Hug I just wanna hug you

I miss you 

Unspoken words Angel gone

My guardian angel is gone

You on fire I am ice melting for you 

Just come back say sorry love me again 

Don’t say bye wait please 

I am worth it I swear 

I beg you don’t walk away 

Please baby stay 

Hi never held my breath

We said bye 

All I want is you not the best I want you 

Bad news and all 

My heart still expects you

You still home to me

Hi waiting for an answer 

Heart beating fast 

Stay with me 

Just stay and let’s forget the world let’s forget what they say what they do 

Just us against them boo

Guitar playing trying to forget you 

It’s not true please tell me it’s not true 

My heart still seeks you 

These nights never go to plan


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