Women stand together

What happened to those days where woman could stand together and compliment each other than ruin each other 

A woman style a woman sex life a woman Hair style is her business her say instead of running her down and being sexist compliment her and inspire her 

She doesnt need your approval she also doesn’t need your say 

Inspire rather than ruin teach what you are taught love learning because education is a beautiful thing 

Women fought hard for votes and for women to have a say fight for it fight for your say fight for yourself 

I got molested for a very long time and when I opened up to a close male friend of me his response to me was you let it happen even though I said no even though I was frozen with fear 

We need to change men outlook because for a man to respond to something like that the way he did isn’t right at all 

Don’t be afraid of drama embrace it embrace your wild roots 

Stand up and fight have a say women fought hard for us to have a say 

I know baby girl you can be scared but for you to open your mouth and say no is a huge step and a man should respect it not degrade you because of it 

You should need to hide your body just for a Man it’s your body it’s your say take back the power 


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