Words spoken from Aphrodite 

Brown eyed girl

You dance around

You attract fire flies 

Like the sky around

Don’t you know 

They love your hips

They love the way your skin clings to your bones

They love the breasts that give life 

They love your inner most

Little boys don’t handle you

They can’t don’t you see

Your soul is too much fire

Your body is too soft to caress

Flower girl with the big eyes and bigger heart

You swirl around

Like you waiting for love

You attract so many

Yet you single in love?

Little girl with a big dream in her heart 

You are the definition of beauty

You are the words Aphrodite describes when she talks about power

Your heart no man can hold

You fly out like a bird with wings

You need to be celebrated you are a walking goddess 

You are Aphrodite 

You are queen 

You a beauty in a swirl universe 

You are me


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