To my unborn child

To my unborn child 

You make my heart beat 

Just the thought of you

You are going to be so beautiful

I want to protect you from this evil world 

I want you to know no matter what girl comes into your heart you will always be mine 

I want you to know those big blue eyes of yours you got them from mine and the way you wrinkle your nose your dad does that too

Your small hands and cries for me warms my heart cause you need me and nobody ever needed me before 

 the marks on my thighs and tummy from carrying you is a blessing baba you are mine you aren’t even formed but I know you I can’t wait to see how your personality grows and how the light in your eyes are shown when you talk about the girl you fell in love with

I want you to know no matter what happens I love you so so much

I sing to you while you in my belly and I will sing to you when you cry

I was so scared because I wasn’t worthy of such a beautiful creation that God gave me

The way you fall and learn how to walk teaches me how to learn and be happy when I make mistakes 

The way you cry for me shows me that I need to cry for help when I can’t do it any more

Your mommy has a story of cuts on her arms and blood and tears in a combination 

She wanted to die once never thought she would see the day that she would have a living soul inside of her 

People hate her because she is so young but you know my beauty you are everything I want I will never forsake you I will never hate you all that I feel for you is pure love and baby when you cry and you are so alone remember that mommy loves you when you feel like nobody cares mommy does mommy will protect you with every been inside of her 

Mommy will cut her skin open just to give you life

Mommy will pray for you mommy will give you over to God just so you can see how much someone cares 

To my unborn baby your heart beats with mine you eat from my tummy you are so beautiful my baby you are so so amazing and you not even born and I know you will be a success 

When you cry yourself to sleep and say I want to die it breaks my heart because all I ever wanted was you and now you want to leave I will never hate you I want you to be happy even if it means breaking my soul for you

I want you to find love and experience life beauty cause baby life is so beautiful now that you are here 

Beautiful means passion it means art it means earth it means fire it means water that is such a blessing when you have it 

Your name aiden I thought about for 6 months your dad laughed and said what aiden like a aiden could throw a ball but I know you my baby you gonna be the greatest at anything you do

You are art you are breath taking you are loved my baby you are worthy 

You are mine


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