I see you in my dreams only place to reach you 

I called you no answer guess it’s the same as when we were together you always hated phone calls I wonder if she knows that

I tired saying sorry but it don’t matter any more 

Those big Brown eyes and smile always got me once around

My smart little baby I wanted to say but guess I can’t call you that any more 

Nobody understands they make it out as if it’s easy to forget you it isn’t

My first love my first everything you struck around through everything

You loved me when everybody said I am ugly and when I got pretty you left me guess looks were never a thing for you

I look at the sky and I dream about you 

In my dreams we always happy and you want to be my friend guess after all I want is to have a friend

Your parents hated me can’t say I blamed them

You are one of those guys that you lose when you young but come back to when you wiser

Your family couldn’t stand me again I don’t blame them

You said there was no commitment but I was already planning our future

Dreams of you makes my tummy sick I starve myself so I don’t have to eat 

Dreams of you voices in music only place I can hear your voice 

Now I gotta fake it and be happy and party it all away like I don’t care about you when in reality all I care about is you


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