Dear diary 

It’s such a struggle having bi polar having. Mental disorder that gonna last my whole life nd not go away it’s hard .

Sometimes I wonder is it all worth it am I doing right am I getting somewhere when everything looks so negative 

Bi polar is a difficult disease and it takes a while before your medicine is stable and the fact that I have to take tablets all my life and can’t drink whatsoever 

Bi polar is difficult for me because my moods are never stable they up and then down they never normal and I feel everything to an extreme

Bi polar is difficult because of the effect it has on my parents it’s just difficult seeing your parents struggle because of you 

Bi polar is difficult because of money issues 

Bi polar is difficult because everything is different everything has changed 

Hungry by les brown 


1. Many of us never realise our greatness because we become side tracked and don’t know how to say no

2. Time passes you can either work on yourself or not and one day you will wake up and realise your time is Iver

3. Learning how to talk positively to yourself nd handle negative self talk is crucial

4. Every person has demons inside his head the difference is how well we stand up to them

5. You got to convince yourself all day that you believe you can do something and nothing can stop you 

6. It takes balls to bouce back winners don’t give a fuck about it they don’t take failure personally 

7. The truth will set you free. Empowering yourself is a rare quality 

8. It’s easy to have low morals 

Dear diary

I hate the reality I am in but only I can change it so much power but i have no game plan so I am lost 

The reality I want is fading and I am feeling lost 

What’s the point of it? Drama or no drama love or no love 

The fact stands by that I can change it I can change my reality I am the master of my future and it’s scary I don’t want to screw it up but I am so tired and frustrated that my life isn’t where I want it to be

Life is unfair and messed up but still I can’t do it what if I can’t do it

I hate this reality and I am so frustrated dear diary what’s my game plan what am I gonna do

Survival in the wild

Shelter water fire is very important 

Don’t swim against the water go with it 

Grab onto fallen trees if can in order to get out of the water 

Keep legs straight when jumping in water 

Be careful of animal tracks know your animal prints 

You don’t want to make a trap where animals is drinking they very weary of things then

It’s worth knowing your leaves 

Know stories that can boost your ego if you feeling down

You can use vines for shelter perfect for building materials 

Weave the vines together to protect you from wild life and leaves over it for insulation like a bird nest 

Life tips 

Be confident look people in the eye greet when they greet 

Don’t care what they say easier said than done but your confidence must be so big negativity bouces off 

Know yourself know what you want 

Look good feel good 

Know your team 

Be careful of your reputation 

Have good comebacks 

Be cocky nd quick on your feet 

Speak in a strong voice 

Take deep breaths and be relaxed 

Use stall tactics use silence to your advantage 

Yoga is really good for patience and breathing 

Know your enemies 

Have open connections 

Have good dance moves you never know when you need them

Nina dobrev

Lessons I learn from her 

Keep memories it’s important when you look back 

Be confident in your clothes with your body do what you gotta do to be confident 

Be sexy look sexy fake it till you can make it

Take a break once in a while from the spotlight 

Be down to earth kind and loking to everyone 

Go on adventures 

Be a bit goofy and laugh a lot

Take care of yourself spa day and facial masks 

Find a reason to celebrate everything the small things even 

Colds baths wakes you up so it’s really helpful on those tough mornings


I roar like a lion fiery and loud 

I hide not like a lion bold and proud 

I am beautiful like a lion 

I am courageous like a lion

I have skill like a lion 

I have eye sight like a lion 

I am proud of being a woman 

I am proud of being a lioness

I am proud to call myself a lion bold and proud I roar my title all over 

I stand my ground 

I speak up and be bold 

I have beauty inside of me that radiates out 

I am a lioness 

Dear diary 

I should be over what happened but I still get disgusted at the thought of his hands on my inner parts 

I still get so angry because I never imagined someone whose blood to do what he did why would he do this why continue what did I do that he did it I mean I was what 9 but still as I grew up I just froze up never saying a word 

I would hide in a cupboard in my room because the monster who I was hiding from was coming to my house and nobody knew 

I tired telling a friend that when I learnt what he was doing wasn’t normal but I also learnt then that people don’t believe you or think you over reacting because of course a 9 year would want a 30 something man over her sure.

I still get angry and disgusted so so disgusted because even though it was so gross and I was sick to my stomach still am my body responded to it I didn’t know what it was but I knew it was wrong and I was so scared of getting caught because it was so gross and what was happening I responded to it how disgusting does that make me 

I am suppose to be over it but I am not how can I be when it’s in the back of my mind most of the time haunting me his face haunting me when I box giving me that extra push 

Maybe it’s time to move on but I don’t feel like it is not yet anyway I just wish I could ask him but I am so scared of seeing the monster under my bed again 

Dear diary

I still remember how he invaded my skin touched me where private touched my soul 

He reminds me of a octopus with the way his hands moved 

He reminds me of a disgusting fish that is in your mouth trying to suck your tongue out 

He reminds me of a imprint on my body and on my soul

He remInes me of a stinky fart that I want to go away but stays 

Inside he touched me outside he fiddled

Disgust nauseous vomit in your mouth 

A skin feeling in my tummy when I think of it 

Anxiety to see him hiding in a cupboard

9 years old when I see him again

Want the memory gone

Is he a good guy did I imagine it all

Dear diary I don’t know any more

10 tips to a fashion life

Clean out your wardrobe -anything not worn in the last 12 months or no longer fits you can sell or donate

Take note of what you have – create a list of all the category gaps like items you don’t have enough of or need to update. Identify key investments pieces you need and budget for them.


Make an inspirational board -collect images that inspire you or donate outfit ideas

Access your lifestyle

Stick your color story for Autumn and winter 

Quality over quantity 

Buy only what you love

Create some go to looks