Women stand together

What happened to those days where woman could stand together and compliment each other than ruin each other 

A woman style a woman sex life a woman Hair style is her business her say instead of running her down and being sexist compliment her and inspire her 

She doesnt need your approval she also doesn’t need your say 

Inspire rather than ruin teach what you are taught love learning because education is a beautiful thing 

Women fought hard for votes and for women to have a say fight for it fight for your say fight for yourself 

I got molested for a very long time and when I opened up to a close male friend of me his response to me was you let it happen even though I said no even though I was frozen with fear 

We need to change men outlook because for a man to respond to something like that the way he did isn’t right at all 

Don’t be afraid of drama embrace it embrace your wild roots 

Stand up and fight have a say women fought hard for us to have a say 

I know baby girl you can be scared but for you to open your mouth and say no is a huge step and a man should respect it not degrade you because of it 

You should need to hide your body just for a Man it’s your body it’s your say take back the power 

That day

That day it haunts me 

That day I don’t know why 

That day it blocks me

And I am sad to see why 

That day he touched me

That day he lied

That day I simply died 

That day he followed me to his room outside 

That day he wandered my body 

That day I see why

That day he lusted

That day I cried 

That day I saw a monster 

That day I died 


The bed is getting cold 

My heart is getting cold 

The blankets smell like you

The guitar still sounds of our tune 

You disappear you leave 

Slamming the doors 

Turning heads 

Yelling screaming 

Are we over 

Confusion disgust what have I become 

Am I a fool to believe you 

A future so unclear 

My heart wants you

Fights black eyes 

Abusing words but wrapped somehow in love

You hit me but you love me 

You told me you did 

I beg you to stay I need you

The bed is cold and empty

I need you 

But you a fighter I am a fighter let me fight for us 

Yet you leave 

Police arresting 

Heart breaking 

Black eyes black heart 

Only once you said once 

Forgive you 

Fear in my eyes 

Love in my heart


My heart cries for you 

Tears down my face 

Cuts on my wrist 

Stop the bleeding 

Stop breaking my heart

Was I so stupid 

Was I the fool in love 

I am already haunted 

I am already broken 

Don’t remind me

Don’t go stay and play our little game 

The cuts they burn but the pain burns more 

Don’t say I love you tell me you will stay 

Don’t ask if I am okay 

Don’t ask if I still love you 

It’s salt on a wound 

A fucking burning wound 

Distract me from this pain

Lies why lies from your mouth yet your heart says another story 

Take me away Pieter pan 

Let me fly with you 

By the wind under your wings

Be the darkness that surrounds the light 

Let me be yours


Hi never seemed so much 

Your lips on mine 

Music in the background 

Hi never held my heart so much 

Fire in my heart fear in my eyes 

I am so high on you 

Soaring through 

You made love real 

You made me see stars 

You ran my heart away 

Speakers in my ears 

Don’t wanna say bye 

Hug I just wanna hug you

I miss you 

Unspoken words Angel gone

My guardian angel is gone

You on fire I am ice melting for you 

Just come back say sorry love me again 

Don’t say bye wait please 

I am worth it I swear 

I beg you don’t walk away 

Please baby stay 

Hi never held my breath

We said bye 

All I want is you not the best I want you 

Bad news and all 

My heart still expects you

You still home to me

Hi waiting for an answer 

Heart beating fast 

Stay with me 

Just stay and let’s forget the world let’s forget what they say what they do 

Just us against them boo

Guitar playing trying to forget you 

It’s not true please tell me it’s not true 

My heart still seeks you 

These nights never go to plan

Mind games

One moment you love me next you don’t 

One moment you need me like the air you breath next I am trash on the side of the road 

Games you keep playing 

Games you fall 

Games where hearts are lost

Games where minds are told

One moment it’s us next it’s you and me 

Sending songs sending warnings sending me to my grave

He was home

He was home now his gone 

He was my saint and I was the sinner

He was my Angel I was the fallen 

He reminded me of home in a heart he reminded me of lavender and coffee 

He was my success story and I was the failure 

Dreams haunt me 

Just stay away please 

Breaking my heart again and again 

He was my lover and I was his grace 

He was my zeus I was his hades 

Out of his mouth came poetry and songs 

Out of his mouth came lies to destroy 

Sweet sweet tune of a liar grave 

Sweet lies like a melody to my soul 

He pieced me together when I was broken 

He saw my naked body and made it beautiful 

We made love under the skies under Zeus yet it was all a lie 

Hate and love combined 

Came together in us 

Fights and fury 

Jealousy and insecurity 

Nasty words 

Nasty break up 

Dreams still haunt me 

He still haunts me

Touched me 

Touched my heart touched my mind 

Make me wonder one more time 

Touched my body touched my soul

Disgust and nausea all rolled 

Touched my food touched my thigh

You never let me go 

And I will always wonder why 

Touched my mind and kept me going 

You never said sorry 

Touched my breasts touched my bum

You were an octopus with an x Ray vision 

Touched without a yes 

Touched and broken 

Touched and destroyed 

Yet I here I stand a broken tower of rome

To the girl with a broken heart

I never know what to say when you feel so heart broken but you felt true love never experienced it so don’t know what you going through only can imagine but if I was taught anything it’s that love is forever even when that person isn’t there I mean I am already in love with the husband God gonna give me and I haven’t even met him so if you feeling even more than that which you are I can’t imagine the pain that must come with it. I know it’s so hard and I know it hurts but you are the bravest girl I know and you will get through this you not alone and even though I can’t hold your hand and I won’t kiss you but I will wipe your tears and be a shoulder for you to cry on because that what best friends do I will phone you even if I hate phone calls and I will try my best to make you smile. Love is forever love is kind love is the butterflies in your tummy and the beating of your heart. Love doesn’t give up it pushes on it doesn’t just walk away how can it? It’s true love . I get you love him I understand why you do but you gotta love yourself more and see how his hurting you you gotta put your emotions aside and see does he love me if he walked how many times away if the answer is yes then good for you I am happy for you and I support you completely go after him chase him before it’s too late but if the answer is no is it not worth your time to start over to start brand new to hate every man because everyone seems the same isn’t right because not anybody is gonna be him you gonna find a guy whose better or worse than him but you still want him and babe he knows that but you gotta decide what is best for you are you gonna go again with him and start all new and be happy just to have him tear it down again? Or you gonna wait your whole life for the love you think you deserve when actually there is better out there? Whatever your choice is I support you I don’t always agree with you but you have my support